In saving lives with CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), 300 students (Elementary, Middle School, High School) from nine Regions of Greece will compete in the 2nd Panhellenic Student Competition “KIDS SAVE LIVES CHAMPIONSHIP 2023”, which will take place on the 1st and April 2, at the Planetarium-Science Dissemination Center and Museum of Technology NOISIS (at the 6th km of Thessaloniki Thermi).

During the competition, students will be assessed on CPR skills on appropriate Laerdal Little Anne CPR manikins, equipped with appropriate sensors, connected to Laerdal’s QCPR software, which provides accurate performance metrics and percentage scoring.

Winners will be awarded a total of 75 certified Basic Life Support (BLS|ERC) courses, and three Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for their schools.

All contestants will receive a commemorative kit, which will include a short-sleeved T-shirt with the necessary details of the student contest, their participation certificate and a gold medal.

The schools that will stand out, reaching the third places of the student competition, from both Primary and Secondary education will win five certified seminars on Basic Life Support, for students, teachers or even parents.

The second place schools in the student competition will receive 10 certified Basic Life Support seminars.

Schools whose students placed first in Elementary, Middle and High School will win an Automated External Defibrillator and 10 certified Basic Life Support courses as a prize.

The competition is organized by the Civil Society Humanitarian Organization “KIDS SAVE LIVES – Children Save Lives”, on the occasion of World Health Day (April 7) and the founding day of the World Health Organization, and is the result of the multi-year training of students (all levels) in CPR in cases of cardiac arrest.

The “KIDS SAVE LIVES” student competitions, together with the training of a total of 130,562 students – parents and teachers so far, are considered by their organizers as the safest and smartest national life investment, for the next 70 years in the country us.

According to the president of the organization “KIDS SAVE LIVES – Ta Paiadia Sozoun Lives” Anastassi Stefanakis, the student competitions of “KIDS SAVE LIVES – Ta Paiadia Sozoun Lives” are undoubtedly the strongest post-educational life experience.

“They encourage student teamwork processes and strengthen, through education, students’ relationship with volunteerism, first aid and social solidarity. At the same time, they give the children the opportunity to evaluate themselves and most importantly to integrate them from an early age into the society of active citizens”, notes Mr. Stefanakis.

The Civil Society Humanitarian Organization “KIDS SAVE LIVES – Children Save Lives” contributed significantly to the placement of hundreds of Automatic External Defibrillators in many schools in the country, making the operation of the school a core of solidarity and a point of reference in the provision of first aid to the local community, according to the “open school” model.

The CPR competitive process contributes decisively, on the one hand, to the immediate presence of trained student-citizens as “First Responders” in dealing with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest incidents, but also other emergencies, when a life is at risk, and on the other hand, to increasing the number of Automatic External Defibrillators , across the country.