A car driver saw the joy with his eyes at 3 am on Wednesday, when he came face to face with the special “robotic” vehicle of the OSE, at the Digeni Akrita crossing, in Kastellokampos, Patras.

As he complained to “Peloponnisos”, “the bars had not been lowered nor was there any light marking and the huge machine was moving on the rails.”
Fortunately, the driver caught up and stopped, but he says that if he had been a little further, he would have fallen on top of him.

This particular “robotic” machine is located in the OSE Engine Room, on Athens Street, and undertakes to “bring the rails to their level”, with centimeter accuracy, while also “taking care” of the slopes, elevation and angles of the rails. Plasser 08 275/4 undertakes “work” in the night hours, so as not to disturb the traffic of the local Commuter!

Settlements due to the weight of the trainsbut even due to normal dips in the substrate of the lines, they could be fatal, to the point of even derailment!

The “robotic” train at regular intervals and when it is established, either by train drivers or by pedestrian sections of the company responsible for maintenance, that a problem appears in a certain kilometer position, in which case it takes “action”.

It is correctly used at night, but again safety measures should be observed. Because if a vehicle crashes into it, the collision will surely be fatal!