From the afternoon payment will begin by OPECA of the A21 child allowance to 523,941 beneficiaries, with a total expenditure of 101,258,400.10 euros.
After the payment is completed, the A21 child benefit platform will be opened for new applications.

It is noted that henceforth, between conditions which will be checked for the granting of the child benefit are the attendance of the dependent children in compulsory education – from pre-kindergarten to high school – and the adequacy of attendance.

In the A21 application, the relevant fields must be entered, such as the details of the School Unit, Class and Registration Number of the child who is in compulsory education.

If they cross all the details of the student, the application can proceed normally, otherwise if they do not cross, a relevant marking appears in the application and the applicant is asked to attach the necessary supporting documents to the online application A21.

To complete the application must be finally submitted and approved. A cached application is considered unsubmitted and will not be considered.
The entitled amount will be calculated on the basis of the dependent children to be declared in the A21 of 2023 and the total family income that the beneficiaries had in the tax year 2022. Until the submission of the current year’s Income Tax Return, the calculation of the entitled amount will be taken into account income of the tax year 2021.

The electronic application submission platform A21 allows, through extensive electronic cross-checks with available databases of other entities and services, to check the accuracy and correctness of the declared data and information during the application submission stage.