The ICU in the hospitals of Macedonia-Thrace is 100% full in December-86% unvaccinated

The ICU in the hospitals of Macedonia-Thrace is 100% full in December-86% unvaccinated

The fullness of the ICUs of all the hospitals of the 4th Health District of Macedonia and Thrace reached 100% daily in December 2021, according to data given to the public. In fact, 86% of the patients in the Intensive Care Units were unvaccinated.

In December, a total of 2,005 patients with Covid were admitted to the structures of the 4th RAI, including 32 pregnant women and pregnant women (31 of whom were unvaccinated) and 62 children.

In the case of single beds, 520 patients positive for COVID-19 were treated daily, of which 80% were unvaccinated.

At the same time, 70 citizens with coronavirus were in High Flow every day.

For non Covid cases, 20,821 admissions were recorded in the hospitals of the 4th RAE, increased by 15.4% compared to December 2018 and 21% compared to November 2021.

During the pandemic and the great pressure of December, about 41,500 citizens passed the entrance of the ICUs of the Hospitals, with a large number of them having been managed as suspicious incidents.

In addition, according to the data of the Health District of Macedonia and Thrace, all the structures that maintain vaccination centers, but mainly the mobile units gave a great road race and brought the vaccine closer to any fellow human being who could not come.

Specifically, 12,000 vaccinations were carried out by the mobile units from the beginning of September until the 31st of December.

About 320,000 vaccinations were performed in all structures of the 4th RAE, for the month of December.

“Despite the problems that the Health System has, it has endured and will endure.

“Congratulations to all the health staff of the Hospitals and the Health Centers for this great and daily effort”, states a relevant announcement.

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