For fence in Evros and its extension, he spoke on the Thessaloniki radio station Status 107.7 and on the show of Dimitris Venieris the mayor of Soufli Panagiotis Kalakikoson the occasion of the Prime Minister’s visit, but also the support of an amendment by SYRIZA MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis to block the financing of the project by the E.U.

As he typically said “the construction of the fence is necessary and necessary”, noting that there are serious problems and that the problem of illegal migration flows is pan-European.

Asked about the attitude of Mr. Papadimoulis, Mr. Kalakikos noted that a visit to the area is enough to ascertain the magnitude of the problem.

He emphasized that “especially in winter, we have many requests from our fellow citizens for frightened parents, relatives, elderly people in their villages, when the number of foreigners is greater than the permanent residents.

Speaking theoretically and philosophically, they certainly don’t know the problem.

We had requested since 2019…, because the problem was growing. 2020 highlighted the real picture of the problem and what the neighbors are doing. The canals were only in one place, in Kastanies.

We here in the entire Parevria area, the military, the police, were fighting to contain organized groups that were heading from Turkey to enter our country illegally”.

The mayor of Soufli emphasized that there is insecurity among the residents and that with the extension of the fence “they will now sleep peacefully”. “The extension of the fence shields the area and reinforces the feeling of security”, emphasized Mr. Kalakikos.

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