The case of the burglary of five safes from a bank store vault in Nea Smyrni, which occurred on July 8, 2022, was investigated by the Property Crimes section of the Attica Security Directorate.

Three foreigners, aged 46, 42 and 46, were identified as perpetrators, against whom a case file was filed for forming and joining a criminal organization and distinguished cases of theft.

During the investigation of the case and after an investigation by ELAS in cooperation with the international prosecuting authorities, it emerged that the three defendants are members of an international criminal group that specializes in bank theft.

The defendants initially entered Greece several days earlier, in order to study the prospective targets.

After choosing the target store, they visited it several times over a three-day period to map the area, also videotaping its view for further careful observation of security measures.

Having divided their roles, they entered the shop wearing surgical masks one after the other, pretending to be customers. Precisely implementing the plan they had drawn up, they arrived undetected at the vault, broke open 5 safes and removed the jewels inside. They left the store one after the other and followed different escape routes, where they met at a far point from the store, communicating by phone in between.

On the same day they left the country, traveling by air to a European Union country.

The file was submitted to the Athens District Attorney’s Office in order to issue arrest warrants, both national and international.