Leasing and corporate sales in general are currently the main pillar of support for the Greek car market.

Having as the main basis the remarkable growth of corporate sales (leasing and rent-a-car), the registrations of new cars in our country show a significant increase in 2023 compared to 2022. In particular, the two months of January-February are the best for the Greek car market for more than 10 years, since 20,488 new cars have been registered, an increase of 46.2% compared to last year. 11,436 of the above cars concern corporate registrations, thus representing 55.8% of all new car sales in our country. Compared to the first two months of 2022, corporate sales have increased their number by 78% – a very impressive figure.

In the immediate future, this very good course of the company car market in Greece is expected to continue, in view of a summer where all forecasts speak of an increase in the number of tourists who will come to our country, consequently increasing the need for cars that will serve their movements. In addition to this, the monthly registrations of leasing vehicles are also expected to increase, since there are many cars waiting to be delivered to their new owners, since in the previous two years there were many delays in production and consequently in their deliveries. Now, most of the production problems seem to be overcome and the Greek dealerships expect to receive the cars that are to be delivered to their customers, so that after 3 years the market will return to a normal flow. We expect reductions during the year also for the waiting times of all new orders from leasing customers, leaving aside the phenomena of previous months where someone had to wait even more than 12 or even 18 months to receive their new company car. At the moment, the waiting time has been significantly reduced, while in all the leasing companies of the country one can even find ready-to-deliver cars, in order to immediately cover one’s needs.

The brands preferred by corporate customers

It is important to see which car manufacturers are the market leaders in corporate sales and which brands are preferred by leasing and rent-a-car customers. So in the first two months of 2023, the most popular company in the fleet segment is Opel, with 1,935 sales and a share that reaches 17% of all corporate registrations, while second is Peugeot with 1,662 cars and third is Citroen with 1,425 registrations. It is important to emphasize that all three brands above have models with almost every type of fuel (gasoline, diesel, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric), which is what the corporate/leasing car market is looking for to meet the needs of every employee and department.

Top 10 companies in company car sales:

  1. Opel: 1,935 sales
  2. Peugeot: 1,662 sales
  3. Citroen: 1,425 sales
  4. Toyota: 715 sales
  5. Volkswagen: 576 sales
  6. Ford: 520 sales
  7. Renault: 470 sales
  8. BMW: 457 sales
  9. Audi: 402 sales
  10. Fiat: 333 sales

In sales of premium companies, BMW currently leads with 457 company car registrations, followed by Audi with 402 sales and Mercedes with 296 sales. In addition to the above, 1 Lotus, 2 Maserati, 22 Porsche and 71 new Teslas have been classified as company cars in Greece in 2023.