More than 350 tons of bunwill be available on the market ahead of the Easter holidays by the bakers and confectioners of the prefecture of Thessaloniki.

The traffic may still be registered today, a “lukewarm” Tuesday, but from tomorrow it is expected to be significantly boosted, as explained, speaking to APE, by the president of the Thessaloniki Bakers’ Association “The Prophet Elias” Elsa Koukumeria and the head of the Confectioners’ Guild Marios Papadopoulos.

The 690 bakeries of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki -reduced compared to last year, when they reached 720- they will bake at least 300 kg (each) of Easter buns, according to Mrs. Koukumeria. And from the confectionery, as Mr. Papadopoulos mentioned, for his part, about 150 tons will be allocated.

Regarding the price of the “king” dessert at the Easter festive table, the president of the Thessaloniki Bakers Association “Profitis Ilias” points out that this year it will be sold for 11-14 euros/kg, compared to 10-13 euros/kg last year the plain bun and the stuffed one for 12-16 euros/kg. “Last year, despite an increase of at least 30% in raw materials, we kept our prices unchanged,” he notes and adds that “this year there are new appreciations in raw materials and there really is no room for flexibility. Even with the small increase in price, the profit margin for the bakers is still particularly compressed,” he says characteristically. He indicated that “last year we bought the card of 30 eggs for 3.20 euros and this year for 6 euros, while sugar, from 69 cents/kg, we now supply it for 1.09 euros/kg”. It is worth noting that 300 eggs are required for 100 kg of buns!

On the same wavelength and the statements of the head of the Confectioners Guild, according to which the prices will range this year at 11-15 euros/kg for the simple bun, while the filled ones will be sold by the piece and according to their weight and decoration their.

The chocolate eggsthe trademark of pastry shops ahead of the Easter holidays, will be sold at a wide range of prices (from two euros/piece, up to 20), with the “eclolagus”inspired by the upcoming national elections on May 21, 2023, to steal the show.

“In bakeries and patisseries, buns are buns and not “pastry”, while in addition to the quality and pure products with which they are made and baked, everything includes the passion and experience of their makers”, Mr. Papadopoulos as well as Mrs. Koukoumeria.