In the courtrooms the episode with the “protagonist” of a 62-year-old man who had an argument with municipal police officers in Thessaloniki, because they “cut off” a call for illegal parking, while leaving the scene, he is accused of running over one of the municipal police officers present with his vehicle, resulting in injure him slightly.

The 62-year-old he was arrested following a summons filed against him. He was taken to the criminal prosecution prosecutor who charged him, setting an express trial – before the Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Thessaloniki – for the following November, while he was then released.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning, on Stratou Avenue, where three employees of the Municipal Police, two men and one woman, were carrying out checks for illegal parking of vehicles. Among the vehicles in which fines were confirmed was that of the 62-year-old. The latter appeared shortly after the call was “cut off”, protesting to the three municipal police officers because they did not wait for the owners of the vehicles to come and remove them before “writing” them up.

“Take the call and go turn it off”

The municipal police officer who was present at the incident, as she herself testified to the Police, told him that “we are not obliged to notify before confirming violations”.

Then the 62-year-old, according to the complaint, asked the 51-year-old employee to take the call and go to turn it off. “He tried to put it inside my jacket or attach it to the two-wheeled machine of our Service”, said, according to what has become known, the employee, calling on the driver to contact the Municipality of Thessaloniki in order to submit a written objection.

According to her, the 62-year-old then got into his car, abusing her and making obscene gestures towards her, while leaving the scene “he deliberately fell on my colleague, stepped on his right leg with the wheel of the car and injured him”. .

What does the 62-year-old stand for?

On his part, the accused driver presented his own version of the episode, testifying to the Police. According to information, he described as false the allegations of insults and obscene gestures, as well as that he stepped on the foot of the municipal police officer, stressing that he never did such a thing.

He also mentioned that because he suffers from Multiple Sclerosis he tried – as he said – for reasons of force majeure to leave, complaining to the municipal policeman (whom he is accused of stepping on) that he prevented him by force and spoke disparagingly to him.