Arrest of AEK fan for the incidents with Hapoel


In one arrest for the episodes on the sidelines of her fight AEK the police proceeded with Hapoel.

According to THE GREEK POLICE. one is kept 18 year oldwhich is attributed participation in conflicts that took place with police officers outside the closed Ano Liosia.

It specifically refers to the relevant announcement of Authorities:

“He was arrested 18-year-old citizenby police officers who were taking measures in the context of a basketball game, which took place on the afternoon of M. Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at the stadium “O.K. Ano Liosion”.

Specifically, at around 18.30 at half time of the match, a team consisting of approx 150 peoplethey left the field and they attacked police officers unprovoked of the Police Operations Directorate of Attica, who were at gate B of the stadium, throwing marbles, stones, flares and other items.

Then another group consisting of -100- approximately peopleexited the field and performed onslaught towards the police forces by similarly throwing marbles, stones, flares and other objects.

The police forces, making use of the necessary means they pushed back the attackers, while at the same time arrested and the 18-year-old, who participated in the attacks.

As part of the investigations carried out in the grounds of the stadium, they were also found were confiscated activated hand flare, 2 hand flare caps, fire hydrant hose metal parts and glove’.

Source: Sport Fm

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