M. Pempi was discharged from the hospital where 36-year-old Daphne, who was on the fatal train in Tempi, was being treated. The 36-year-old was riding in the second carriage of the fatal Intercity with her partner, who unfortunately did not make it. She spoke to ERT about what she experienced that day, describing the dramatic moments after the collision.

“Suddenly I was thrown forward to the opposite seat. I am in the front compartment in carriage number 2 behind the canteen carriage. I lose consciousness momentarily. I open my eyes and find myself outside the train. At first I think it’s a bad dream. They fall on me hot and then I understand that this is really happening. I was calling for help. My dog ​​Tavi was next to me. I told her to leave so she wouldn’t get burned, but she didn’t leave.”

Daphne’s brother, Giorgos Brellas, reports: “She was badly injured. He had a ruptured liver. He had a contusion in the lung, there are some things in terms of pathology that still need monitoring.”

She sends a big thank you to the people who selflessly saved her.

“Two Navy officers who were passengersthey pulled me away from the fire. I thank them for saving me. I feel deep sadness for the loss of my partner, but also joy that after 44 days of hospitalization, I am now out of the hospital.”

“They started from the 7th wagon, they helped the 6th, 5th there were many wagons and there in front of the flames no one dared to approach except these two children” says Mr. Brellas for his part.

Yesterday, M. Thursday was discharged from the hospital and Anysia, passenger of the fatal train. Her father, with his post, also informed about the good news about her health.

“Our Anisia after 44 days is now our home!!! Thank you all. Happy Easter”.