Public transport will operate with a modified schedule and sparse routes during the Easter holidays. In particular, according to an update from OASA, the schedule of routes is as follows:

Buses and Trolleys

M. Saturday, April 15: For all vehicles (buses and trolleys) a “Saturday” schedule will be applied. It is noted that on M. Saturday, April 15, 2023, the buses will withdraw earlier to be at the stations at 23:00.

Easter Sunday, April 16: For all vehicles (buses and trolleys) a “Sunday & Holiday” schedule will be applied.

Easter Monday, April 17: For all vehicles (buses and trolleys) a “Sunday & Holiday” schedule will be applied.

On Easter Tuesday, April 18: A “Saturday” schedule will apply for all vehicles (buses and trolleys).

Depending on the passenger traffic and if deemed necessary, for all the days of Easter, there is a provision for reinforcement of the lines serving the Airport, Kifissos and Liosion KTEL stations as well as the Port of Piraeus.

Fixed orbit media routes

The frequencies of fixed track vehicles on Lines 1, 2 & 3 of the Metro, as well as on the Tram until Easter Wednesday 19/04/2023 will be configured as follows:

In particular, on Saturday evening the last trains will depart as follows:

On Line 1 from Piraeus and Kifissia and from Kifissia to Piraeus at 22:20.

On Line 2 from Anthoupoli at 22:44 and from Elliniko at 22:41.

On Line 3 from D. Plakentias at 22:42 and from the Municipal Theater at 22:39.

From “Syntagma” Metro station in all directions at 23:00.

From the Airport at 22:22 and from the Municipal Theater to the Airport at 21:43.

On Line 6 Tram from Picrodafni at 22:00 and from Syntagma at 22:45.

On Line 7 Tram from Asklepiio Voulas at 21:44 and from Agia Triada at 21:58.

On Lines 6 & 7 Tram with connection to Picrodafni from Syntagma to Asklepiio Voulas at 21:45 and vice versa at 21:29 and from Agia Triada to Syntagma at 21:28 and vice versa at 21:30.

For more information, the passenger public can be informed from the website of the Organization as well as for fixed orbit vehicles on the website of STA.SY