Watching him has caught his eye with his colleagues left speechless with what they have seen for six months and his past… Starring in music videos, personal security for a famous rapper, coded conversations and suspected drug dealings.

He is now in jail on a temporary hold after pleading guilty to the 3rd narcotics investigator. The end of his action was written in the port of Piraeus on April 8. The officers watching him saw him go in a patrol car to gate E7 and hand a bag of cannabis to his uncle.

The ef. “PATRIS” presents his action as revealed through the evidence of the case.

The complaint… about the “coke-pushing cop”

The beginning of the end for the accused police officer begins on October 10, 2022, when a written anonymous complaint reaches the authorities by mail: “The SD cop is pushing coke and black all over Athens. He is behind trappers and is the one who supplies them with drugs. For his business he uses phone number 69… and for his travels he has a Piaggio Beverly with a BK license plate… and an Audi. He lives in the New World with his heifer. In many cases, so that the Police cannot catch them, they use the following method: When someone wants to order a quantity, they go to the email sp… and after putting the code 19…ry, then write the quantity they want on the clipboard. After writing what he wants, the cop enters the same email with the same codes and after seeing the order, he finds the quantities of drugs and transfers them to the customers. There are also cases where telephone conversations are conducted with passwords. In his work he also uses two minions and they all belong to the Kallithea-based group of thugs whose leader is the brother of a very tough Albanian thug known for robberies and drugs. These summers they go crazy in Mykonos and that’s why the cop takes sick leave every summer.”

A preliminary examination is immediately ordered and based on the evidence that the authorities have at their disposal, they begin to monitor the conversations that the active policeman has and they make a bass not only for the Policeman but also for a Special Guard who is supplying drugs from his colleague. The officer is said to be working with a man with whom they have acquired a clientele and are dealing drugs. A typical recorded dialogue is: “AZ: There are beggars next to my house to come and find me. Accused Police Officer: What’s up? AZ: I don’t know anything, they are stopped there now, don’t make fun of us and fight me before I get to your house to unload. Accused Police Officer: Take whatever you want from me, take whatever you want. AZ: This is what I’m telling you, if I take you in half, get dressed, don’t come to me wet. Accused Police Officer: Okay- okay. It’s done, get out of here.”

The… “cheese and the custards”

The policeman, knowing full well that there is the possibility of being watched, uses codes in order not to be noticed. Specifically, from the monitoring of his phones, it was revealed that he was talking about “peshkesi”, “tea”, “Choco Morocco” (processed cannabis, “chocolate”), “kufetta”, “buzi” (cocaine), “ace” (a quantity of narcotic substance), “special”, “kade” (anagram of ten which symbolizes the selling price of the quantity), “air” (a quantity which will be paid at a later time), “kit” (has a quantity to sell). Throughout the surveillance, the officers realize that their colleague is taking precautions. He always moved at high speed, often violated red lights, moved in reverse on one-way streets to avoid checks and possible tracking, while he had also removed the license plate from the motorbike he had.

But luck was not on his side on April 8. While he is on regular duty with a patrol car in the area of ​​Old Faliro, he asks at 4:50 p.m. his colleague the Chief Constable to go to the port of Piraeus for his personal business. Whatever it is. They arrive at gate E7 where a man in a Mercedes is waiting for him in front of a ship. The policeman goes from the driver’s seat and throws a bag into his car on the floor mat. The police immediately appear and arrest their colleague and the driver who turned out to be his uncle. The bag contained cannabis.

“Anabolics make me tense and I do weed to calm down”

The policeman, when handcuffed, tells his colleagues that he wants to cooperate with them and claims that the drugs found in his house (about 300 grams) were for his personal use. “I have been in the police since 2012 and have served in various combat services. For the last two years I have been in Paleo Faliro and for the last time I belong to the Security. Until today I have not employed the service and I have nothing disciplinary or criminal against me. I live at … 59 Street in Neos Kosmos with my wife E.M. No one is dealing drugs and the amount you found in my house is for my personal use only. I have been involved in bodybuilding for many years, I have participated in various competitions and have several awards. Due to my intense athletic activity, I use anabolic substances and for this reason because they make me tense and I can’t sleep at night, I occasionally use hashish to calm down and sleep. Today I was working during the hours of 15:00-22:00 as a vehicle patrol driver together with my colleague NP in the area of ​​Palaio Faliro and the surrounding areas. At noon and before I went to work, my uncle NK called me, who would be at the port of Piraeus because his son would be leaving by boat to go to Naxos.

Because I know that my uncle smokes occasionally, especially during difficult times and because I knew that he was going through a difficult time, I went to meet him at the port because he was leaving for the village and on the occasion I treated him with a small amount of hashish that I had at home . At this point, let me tell you that my colleague NP has nothing to do with nor was he aware of the purpose of our move to the port and I take full responsibility for our movement outside the sector”. Along with him, a Special Guard was arrested who allegedly procured drugs from the police officer and the second main accused. The Special Guard was released… as was the policeman’s uncle and wife.