The sincere sympathy for the husband who is hospitalized with burns up to the third degree in a critical condition in a Hospital of Thessaloniki was expressed by his accused wife who allegedly doused him with gasoline, through her lawyer, Tassos Hatzigiannis.

He did not speak, for “involuntary act” because she herself “then tried to put out her own life at risk».

The wife of -now known throughout Greece- Giannis, owner of a family tavern in the center of the city of Mytilini, is being detained at the Mytilini Police Station, until Monday, April 24, a day for which she requested and received a deadline to apologize before the investigator. The 48-year-old was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office at 11 am on Friday, where she was charged with attempted murder and domestic violence.

The incident that has shocked the market of Mytilini reportedly happened around 3 pm on Thursday 20/4, in the tavern of Giannis, and while most of the shops were closed.

The outside of the restaurant shows no signs of arson, as the incident took place in the kitchen of the business that has been operating for many years. In fact, the semi-outdoor area is accessible, while a note posted at the internal entrance states that from 4/20 until the beginning of May the business will be closed.

The wife, according to her lawyer, claims that she doused her husband with gasoline after a heated argument between them. In fact, to our related question, he answered that the flammable liquid was easily accessible to the couple during work hours because they were saving the gasoline “for the generator and the moped. He didn’t get it from somewhere.”

“He did not have the intention to cause a homicide, let alone a homicide,” said Mr. Tasos Hatzigiannis. In fact, he requested a forensic examination for his client, “since she has obvious burns on her hands, and injuries from physical violence against her».

The defense attorney of the 48-year-old woman made a special reference to the tragic loss of two of the couple’s three children, which has stigmatized them: “a 7-year-old, at the time they had the business on the right jetty of Mytilini, when he fell into the sea, and a girl 17-year-old who recently went missing”.

Perhaps turning to alcohol was a way out for a mother who experienced immense pain“, added Mr. Hatzigiannis.

He was by his side in the Hospital from the first moment after the incident” said her advocate, and she herself claims that she urged passers-by to inform EKAB, while she then followed her husband to Bostanio, until he was arrested. So far, no relative of the victim has taken legal action against her

Their only son tries to keep balance“, concluded Mr. Hatzigiannis, adding that he is expected to visit his father at the Papanikolaou Hospital in Thessaloniki.