The nightmare he lived all these days at Sudanthe difficulties he went through with other fellow citizens and how they finally managed to escape from hell was described in detail by the Metropolitan of Nubia and all Sudan, Savvas, speaking to ERT 3 shortly before boarding the plane that transported the Greeks to our country, saying that “by miracle we live”.

“We are 22 people here headed to Greece and apart from us Cypriots are also coming with a Dutch plane. We were notified in the morning to get ready because we were leaving but we didn’t know many things. Then we were told that Sheikh Alamin (S.A. Muslim High Cleric of Sudan) sent some people to take us from there. They came and after some negotiations with the driver, we left. Leaving, they had to go through all the points they had said they would report to and that they would pick up some of the Greek community. Some did not recognize us and knocked the van twice but fortunately there was no injury. We headed to Sheikh Alamin’s house and from there in another car we went to the airport and now we are leaving by plane”the metropolitan said, describing how the operation to release him was set up.

“Standing Greeks were left behind”

As the metropolitan said, stranded Greeks have been left behind whom they could not help.

“There are stranded Greeks left behind, whom we could not help. It was useless to put everyone else in danger but it was very difficult because most of us lived in the center and in the center it happens… Those who lived in the suburbs were able to come to the airport. But those of us who lived in the center were wild and it was impossible to move without being hit whether you were on foot or in a car. At one point, when we tried to leave to go to the French embassy, ​​we were beaten. There were 12 of us and we didn’t find ourselves in the middle of crossfire.”said Metropolitan Sudan.

“It wasn’t just this darkest moment”

“It was a gloomy moment when the shelling started and we all gathered together in a corner and we thought the end had come. We just agreed to put our bodies over the children, let’s each keep a child to protect them and at least find the children. Although they do not show such sensitivity, unfortunately,” emphasizes the metropolitan.

“By miracle we live those of us who were inside the Metropolis. This is hell. We are not talking about a simple war, we are talking about a civil war in full swing without any sensitivity. Their first target is ambulances and hospitals, they don’t care if they are children or pregnant women…” concludes the metropolitan of Nubia and all Sudan, Savvas.