A 28-year-old woman, accused of edomestic physical harm against her 54-year-old mother.

The young woman asked for a deadline, will be tried tomorrow Friday at the Autoforo Three-member Criminal Court of Volos and until then she remains a prisoner.

Everything happened on Tuesday at the house where mother and daughter live in the center of Volos. The young woman seems to have asked for money from her mother, who said that she does not have any to give her and after they argued, he punched her once in the face and caused her bodily harm.

After the 54-year-old petitioned against her daughter, the 28-year-old was arrestedwas detained and yesterday taken to the service prosecutor, who prosecuted her for domestic bodily harm and referred her to the Automatic Three-member Misdemeanor Court.

The 28-year-old, who did not have a lawyer, said she has no money and asked for legal support, while she got an adjournment to appoint a defense lawyer and prepare her plea.

When asked by the Court if she has somewhere to stay, so that she is not in the same house as her mother, she said that she can stay with her friends, but she was not convinced and it was decided that she will remain in custody until tomorrow, Friday.

According to information, the young ais dealing with addiction problems and health problems, she has once again troubled the authorities and it is not the first time she has argued with her mother.