Second attack to an employee of the Municipal Police of Volos was noted the day before yesterday, just one day after the incident with Voliotis who broke into the offices of the service as a “bull in a glass shop” for a summons that was verified against him.

The new incident was made by an employee of DEDDIE, this time at the Town Hall of Volos, where he went to meet the deputy mayor of the Municipal Police, after a telephone conversation they had between them.

As it became known, he started shouting and protesting, even threatening to “inflate” the electricity bills…

The DEDDIE employee received a “reprimand” for an unpaid call to the Municipal Police, which was confirmed last September, because he had parked his ICHE car on a pedestrian crossing.

Municipal policeman called him to move away, but he claimed to be at the scene on behalf of DEDDIE and refused to move his vehicle. The municipal police officer testified against him violation 40 euros and invited him to present an official document to the Municipal Police that he was indeed employed by DEDDIE and to submit an objection.

The supporting documents were never filed and the day before yesterday the clerk received the note for the payment of the summons, which drove him out of his mind. He allegedly told the deputy mayor that “he will find out where the municipal policeman lives, search your watches and charge units”…
The incident and the employee’s behavior were reported to DEDDIE.