Austin Butlerhas apparently lost his Elvis curls and fake tan for his new film role “Dune 2”according to reports from CinemaCon.

An exclusive trailer for the upcoming sci-fi sequel was shown at the Las Vegas Film Festival. After the screening, several members of the audience posted on social media that the 31-year-old Oscar-nominated actor appeared bald with pale skin in the footage.

“Austin Butler in Dune: Part II… completely bald and pale. He looks extremely menacing and almost monstrous,” Discussing Film editorial director and co-owner Andrew Salazar tweeted.

Butler’s character has been described as “an authority on the sword combined with a psychotic Mick Jagger”.

Next Big Picture’s Daniel Howat confirmed: “Yes, he’s bald and looks pretty wild.” “I didn’t realize everyone wanted to know about Austin Butler’s hair in #DunePartTwo,” he added.

The actor will play Fade Rautha Harkonen in the film, the younger nephew of the evil Baron Harkonen.