The intervention of the prosecutor caused by hooded invasion in an exhibition by the artist Sergey Andreevski, from North Macedonia, at the Remezzo art gallery, in Aretsou, Kalamaria.

By order of the head of the Thessaloniki First Instance Prosecutor’s Office Dimitris Smyrni, the criminal prosecution prosecutor was ordered to carry out an urgent preliminary examination in order to identify the perpetrators and the prescribed criminal responsibilities are assigned.

The crimes being investigated are hers illegal violence racially motivated, complicity, and incitement to commit crimes, violence or discord.

The investigation was assigned to the Racist Violence Department of the Thessaloniki Police Department, and in this context, material posted by the perpetrators on the internet will be sought, while the organizers of the exhibition and all those who have knowledge of the incident will be invited to testify.

As doers of energy members of the Golden Dawn appears, as can be seen from a related video they posted online, where they are seen forcing the organizers to take down the works and then putting red ribbons at the entrance, denying access, while they scattered leaflets with nationalist content.

In the meantime, on the occasion of the specific incident, the Vice-Mayor of Culture – Tourism and International Relations of the municipality of Kalamaria, in today’s press release states that “Kalamaria, a city of refugees, of culture, deeply democratic, daily offers an important agenda of topical issues” .

He notes that “last night a group of 10 people appeared at the end of an exhibition of paintings by an artist who has been exhibiting in Greece since at least 2002 and is, according to his statement, far from libertarian attitudes and groups. We have informed the Mayor, because he is absent for major issues of Kalamaria in the capital, that the matter has been taken up by the competent department of the Security Department of Kalamaria and we thank them for their cooperation”.