The owner’s…scumbag of sick energy was revealed when a young couple complained that there was a video and audio recording and storage device in the room, which was plugged into a socket in the room.

From the investigation of the authorities resultede, according to a police announcement, that the owner of the rooms had recorded 27 people, of which the 13 people have been identified.

According to information, these are five Greek men, 7 Greek women and one woman from Albania.

According to ELAS, the hidden cameras which he had placed they looked like cell phone chargers.

The announcement of the General Regional Police Directorate of Central Macedonia states the following:

“The Poligyros Security Department conducted a thorough investigation regarding a case of personal data breach at a tourist accommodation in Halkidiki.

For the case, a case file was filed against a local man, the owner of the tourist accommodation, for violation of the legislation on personal data and violation of the privacy of telephone communication and oral conversation.

In particular, in the context of investigating a complaint, it emerged that the above-mentioned owner of the tourist accommodation was installing hidden cameras in the rooms of the accommodation in question, with the aim of illegally recording personal moments of the people who entered and stayed there.

As part of the investigations, the following were identified and seized:

6 “hidden” cameras that simulated mobile phone chargers,
8 memory cards,
1 outdoor surveillance closed-circuit recorder,
1 digital data storage unit,
1 laptop, 1 tablet and 1 mobile phone.
From the investigation so far, it was found that he had recorded 27 people, of which 13 people have been identified.

The case filed against him was submitted to the First Instance Prosecutor of Polygyros”.