He sexually abused his partner’s youngest son almost every day, in a village in Messara. About a year ago, a video-document was made available to the authorities, the content of which causes disgust as the “loving stepfather”, a 53-year-old Syrian today, is recorded sexually abusing the child, who basically endured all this perversion and morbidity.

In the statements he had given to the police in the presence of a child psychiatrist, the suffering boy had confided that his “stepfather” did not only rape him, but also “imposed” him on other men, giving some information about their profile. The authorities managed to identify these persons and now they are called to account before justice.

Next Friday, the 53-year-old Syros, who remains locked up in Tripoli prisons while the trial of the case is pending, will be summoned again to the competent investigator in Heraklion, this time to apologize, among other things, for the charge of continuous pimping.

The case file includes three more men, two of whom have been identified and are also accused. According to the indictment, they allegedly sexually abused the boy in exchange for money, which the “stepfather” pocketed.

The acts attributed also include: repeated and repeated rape by an unknown perpetrator, sexual intercourse with a minor who has reached the age of 12 but not 14 years of age.

In particular, the “stepfather” is accused of prostitution of the boy from January 2020 to the summer of 2021.

The original case was essentially revealed after the actions taken by the middle child of the family, 25 years old today, who attended a special school. This, under the guidance of one he trusted, did what others should have done long ago. He convinced his little brother, 14 at the time, to film on his cell phone the sexual abuse the boy had endured since the sixth grade. This video is an irrefutable document of the case file formed by the Heraklion Police and its content tightened the stomachs of those who saw it. From there, the case took its course.

In his apology, Syros had appeared argumentative and brash. He claimed that he was tired of the love life he had with the mother of the children, he “blurred” and did what happened once and only, the one that is recorded on the mobile phone and of course he could not deny it.

For this specific case, a procedure had been initiated in order to criminally check the role of the mother, as to whether she was aware of what was unfolding inside her own house.

Regarding the charge of pimping for which he is expected to plead guilty on Friday, his lawyer, Mr. Giorgos Lionakis, argued that his client denies the accusation.