Fifty burglaries in holy temples and five burglaries in country houses in the last four months in Pieria made a spiral, with a total “loot” of 8,500 euros.

Three people were arrested for the case and indictments were filed against two of their accomplices.

Specifically, in the context of an organized police operation that took place yesterday, the three men were arrested and a case file was filed against them for forming a criminal group and grand theft, while a case file was filed against their two accomplices, whose details have been identified, for grand theft.

The three arrested, at least since January, carried out burglaries in churches, chapels, chapels and country houses, in villages and settlements of Pieria, taking money and other objects, either acting together, or with a different composition and with the participation of the two accomplices their.

In the period January – April they committed fifty burglaries in churches, chapels and chapels, where in 31 cases they took money and various objects and five burglaries in country houses, where in four of them tools and various other objects were taken.

The total value of the stolen items exceeds 8,500 euros, according to the victims’ statements.

In a subsequent search of two houses, used by one of the arrested, power tools, sledgehammers, crowbars, axes and other tools were found and confiscated. An electrical device was also found, which had been stolen from a church, in the area of ​​Pieria.

A vehicle used for their illegal activity was also seized, in which, among other things, various burglary tools, a flashlight and two pairs of work gloves were found and confiscated.

The investigation by the police continues to ascertain their possible involvement in other similar criminal acts.

Those arrested, with the case filed against them, will be taken to the District Attorney of Katerini.