It was still 15 years old when her father, as she complains, raped her for the first time. Very quickly he began to “bargain” her to various men with the aim of sexually exploiting the minor for a fee. In some cases he was forced to use alcohol and hashish to keep him from reacting.

The statement with the “names and addresses” that she had given to the Police, in the presence of a psychologist, the 21-year-old girl today, sends her father and five Heraklionites to the dock. Among them an elderly businessman, a trader and a retired civil servant.

The trial with a total of six defendants has been scheduled for mid-June at the Three-member Misdemeanor Court of Heraklion, for the following charges: sexual intercourse between relatives per se, human trafficking per se and sexual intercourse with a minor for remuneration per se.

The girl claims that she decided to “break” her silence after she became an adult as she could no longer bear this morbid condition. The 49-year-old father he was the first to he raped her one night in the car. He threatened that he will kill her if she reveals their “secret”. and he promised her he wouldn’t bother her again. Three months later, however, he raped her again and this was already happening regular basis, with violence and with wood. A few months later, he began to “market” it to various Heraklionites for a fee.

“Grandpa gave 500 euros”

The “bargain” allegedly started with an elderly businessman, as the girl herself in his testimony refers to a “grandfather».

Do you like it?» the father asked the old man in front of the unfortunate girl. “Pretty girlhe allegedly replied. Then she went to the car, as her father told her, while the two men talked for a while. Then the old man went towards the minor and handed her 500 euros, which he later handed over to her father.

Sufferer claims father forced her to meet ‘grandpa’ on a daily basis in two apartments owned by him, in Heraklion, while she was forced to drink alcohol and use hashish to suppress her reaction.

In time, reportedly the father began to widen the circle of men to whom he would release his minor daughter. Soon the “customers” were joined by the son of the elderly businessman, as the girl herself reported, while other persons were added, including a merchant and a retired civil servant.

In her testimony, the complainant also referred extensively to the bad childhood years she had lived, expressing hatred and disgust for her father. He mentioned that he beat her, extinguished cigarettes on her neck, made her, her brother and her mother kneel for hours or forced them to carry boxes of cement on their backs, forbidding them to put them down. When they were hungry again, he would put his family inside a supermarket, make them smell the food and sweets and leave them in the end starving.