Gerard Pique he was in Miami for a few days to see his children, since it is known that Shakira and the children live there. For now he is just visiting them and staying in a hotel, but he is looking for a house so he can spend more time in the US city.

As for what he did with his sons, it was revealed on social media that he took them out to eat. In a photo posted on social media, Pique is seen with his children in a restaurant. The photo was “uploaded” to Twitter by user Aurelio B. Castrellon.

“Meal with the family, where Pique sits with his children at the next table,” wrote the user.

The former soccer player, on this first trip, was forced to stay in a hotel, which is inconvenient for him and his children, so he is trying to find a house so that on his next visits he will be more comfortable in the United States States, along with his sons.

Pique, as written by the Spanish media, is looking for a large, bright space, with minimal rooms and common areas.