The baptismal cross of a seven-month-old baby was carefully removed immediately after the ceremony, in Thessaloniki, with the Greek Police informing the – admittedly – surprised parents that this specific complaint creates a new category in the records and that this event is registered as the … first in the file.

The baby’s baptism took place on April 22, in a church in Thessaloniki. The baby in the commemorative photo was wearing the holy cross, but on returning home for the feast it was found to be missing from around his neck, with the parents suspecting that someone astute had removed it in the interim, before leaving the Holy Temple.

“When we returned home, my mother-in-law informed me that the baby is not wearing a cross. The next morning we went to commune the baby with his godmother and she asked me where the cross was – why she didn’t see it. We searched everywhere, I called all the guests, but nothing. There is a photo of the cross, this means it was stolen over the child. I found it hard to believe such a thing, that you would hang from a baby who had just had his cross baptized. You don’t have your God. Its a shame. Anyone who does this is a monster,” Anna Koura, the baby’s mother, reports to

In addition to Stavros, they stole a wedding ring and a mobile phone

In fact, the diligent did not stop even at the baptismal cross. “After a while we found out that the wedding ring of my sister-in-law, who is pregnant, was also lost. Her hands were swollen from pregnancy and he put her in the bedroom. After a while it disappeared”, said the child’s mother, underlining that they then realized that the mobile phone of her mother-in-law, who traveled from Crete to Thessaloniki for the baby’s christening, was also missing.

“I am very sad. It is no coincidence that three items were lost. That’s what the police told me too,” said Mrs. Koura, who filed a lawsuit against strangers, for moral -mainly- reasons. “It has nothing to do with the value of the Cross. This Cross has been read to my child,” he emphasized.

It is noted that the Greek Police is conducting an investigation to identify the perpetrator.