Final line now is the much-lauded trial of the case of the double murderer in Anogeia that took place in May 2020, when the 63-year-old Mandinadologist Lefteris Kalomiris and the 32-year-old livestock farmer Giorgos Xylouris tragically died.

During the previous session of the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal of Chania, the prosecutor suggested the guilt of the 31-year-old accused, while not recognizing the mitigating factor of his soul boiling.

Among other things, the prosecutor stated that the accused had homicidal intent, just like Giorgos Xylouris while he explained it by listing the reasons: “He showed cruel behavior, he had every opportunity not to continue by leaving in the opposite direction, he did not hesitate to go to his home to arm himself with a weapon, he went to the house of Xylouris, challenging him and finally he did not hesitate to shoot in front of people”.

He emphasized that he killed Giorgos Xylouris in a calm state of mind.

31-year-old’s apology: I acted out of self-preservation

In the previous session of the court, the 31-year-old with tears in his eyes began his apology.

He said that “I had a holy father and I lost him. My sun rose and set through his eyes. His loss has overshadowed everything. I have been locked up for the last three years of my life. Not a single night passed without my master keeping me company. He hugs me, talks sweetly to me, tells me mandinades, keeps me company” while at the same time he emphasized that “The first court decision equates me with a murderer”.

Regarding the events of those days, he stated that he operated under the regime of fear as “I was afraid that he would come back to gas us. I acted out of self-preservation,” and then he heard voices saying, “My God, Lefteris.”

He saw his father dead and “I pulled the trigger as fast and as hard as I could. I have lost everything. I’m not leaving here victorious.”

In relation to the differences his father had with Xylouris, he spoke of an insignificant real estate dispute over a piece of land that if given to someone else he would not take it, but for Xylouris it was his whole life” and added:

The chronicle of the tragedy

The double murder occurred in Perachori, the day after May Day. On the occasion of old property disputes, a fierce fight broke out between the 30-year-old son of L. Kalomiris and Giorgis Xylouris, with the former punching the latter.

They are distinguished by third parties. Exasperated, Xylouris hurriedly leaves for his home and returns a little later to the scene of the tragedy. Anogeans try to remove him in vain, but among them is the unfortunate mandinadologist.

In his statement, the 31-year-old said: “I was in the bathroom when I heard my mother’s voices and a shot.

I took my gun and went out into the street where I saw my father dead and Giorgos Xylouris standing in front of him.”

It is recalled that after the double murder, the Kalomiris side claimed that the scene of the crime had been “tampered with” while the weapon handed over by the Xylouris family was not the one used in the murder.

On the contrary, the Xylouris family argued that the 30-year-old Giorgos did not shoot and that the 29-year-old son of Lefteris Kalomiris, Manolis, shot Xylouris and killed his father.