Bad weather “Diomidis” – Karditsa: In the “whites” the Drum, Argithea and heavy rain in the lowlands (pics)


The bad weather “Diomidis” made its presence felt just before midnight on Monday (10/1) in the area of ​​Karditsa.

Heavy snowfall occurred, according to the report of KarditsaLive.Net, throughout the night in the mountains while in the semi-mountains and lowlands it received heavy rainfall.

In the necks of Ag. Nikolaou (1,450 m.) And Tymbanou (1,600 m.) The snow exceeds 70 cm already with the machines operating at the points trying to open the road and then keep it open.

However, access to the Drum area is open.

In any case, in Tymbanos and in Agios Nikolaos there is heavy snowfall and only the necessary movements should be made with anti-skid chains.

As for the other parts of the prefecture, light snowfall occurred even at altitudes of about 200 meters and above with about 10 -15 cm of snow at 750 m. Altitude.

According to the morning information (08.30) from the Karditsa Police Department, anti-skid chains are required in the road sections:

-From the 48th km of Oxia to the 81st km of the Karditsa-Arta Road. (Acheloos Bridge Boundaries of Arta Prefecture)

-From 19th km to 47th km. Mouzakiou-Stefaniada (Vrisi Alamani-PC Stefaniada)

-From 11th km (Address of Kriopigi – Lake Plastira) Mouzakiou – Lake Plastira

High levels of rainfall are recorded in the lowlands with Karditsa within 10 hours having received about 70 mm of rain (and there are problems with water collection) and about 55 mm Mouzaki according to the stations of the National Observatory.

In the area of ​​the Municipality of Mouzaki, according to the Mayor of Mouzaki, Mr. Stathis, the road connection between Magoula – Meg. Kalivia, Trikala and Magoula – Magoulitsa has been interrupted due to the increase of the river level.

The Municipality of Sofada was the only lowland municipality where the schools did not operate with a morning decision of Mayor Th. Skarlos while problems in electricity were observed either in the city of Karditsa or in the villages with HEDNO crews to proceed with restoration work.

It is pointed out that the intense weather phenomena will continue during the day and that there is an alarm from 112 for dangerous weather phenomena in the area for 48 hours.



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