She felt that she was going to die in the hands of her longtime partner at midnight on Saturday, in Patras. He beat her mercilessly, sent her to the hospital and it was not the first time, since he had done the same in the past. When they had separated, he had beaten another girl, Angeliki, in the hospital.

The 31-year-old is afraid to even write her first name. Her partner, known from the circles of the night, with imprisonments and incidents, often concerns the Police. And while the other members of his family not only have not given the slightest reason for “discussions”, on the contrary, they are active members of society, he seems to be the sad exception, on the one hand with the use of substances and on the other with temper of his character.

The woman tells “Peloponnisos” what happened: “It was midnight to 1 am on Sunday. I was at his house and he started asking me things about the 8 months we had been apart. He got angry. He started throwing things. He broke a chair and hit me hard on the arm with his foot. I was screaming. He threw me down and started punching and kicking me all over my body and face. At one point he grabbed a knife to slaughter me, but luckily his younger brother got in the way. The kid saved me and I thank him. The neighborhood rose to its feet. They called the police. When he heard the sirens, he climbed onto a balcony and left. The police found me in a very bad state. They put me in the patrol car and I was taken to the Hospital for first aid. I was very bad!”.

The 31-year-old then went to the Police Department, where she filed a complaint for domestic violence, and a little later, security men arrested the perpetrator. They had him in custody, but they didn’t take his cell phone away. She says that while he was a prisoner, he threatened her with text messages and phone calls. “I’ll kill you when I get out. I’ll sit inside for ten years, twenty, I don’t care” he told her.


The young man was transferred, yesterday, to the Prosecutor’s Office of Patras, but he was not prosecuted for grievous bodily harm and was released, with the restrictive condition that he does not approach her within 100 m. As his lawyer claims, he was under the influence of drugs and fight he didn’t understand what he was doing.

The 36-year-old at the Prosecutor’s Office met the 31-year-old… “from afar”. He gave her an ironic gesture with his finger. “All OK”.

He will be tried on May 16 and until then the woman states that she is afraid to even go to work, maybe somewhere… he has “set her up”. Only their houses are… almost across the street!

“I want him locked up inside. He will kill me. He has violated all restrictive covenants in the past. Will it stop at him? He threatened my father, I live with my sister who is disabled, he threatens my girlfriends, he has hit me in the past. It’s my fault too. I felt trapped and sometimes I had gone back to him alone. But again I felt fear and turned around. Our relationship was long lasting. Even when he was in prison. But what happened surpasses everything. It might as well kill me. I’m still in danger. I feel like I’m in danger!”

The woman will be examined tomorrow Wednesday by the coroner of Patras, Angeliki Tsiola. Her whole body aches, while she trembles at the thought of meeting this particular man again.