Yesterday, Monday, May 8, by the single-member Criminal Court of Mytilini, one of the defendants was sentenced to five years in prison for the case of theft of the tributes at the Temple of Taxiarchis in Mandamado, in February 2012, i.e. 11 years ago. The sentence imposed on the convicted person is appealable and he was released.

Innocent the other defendant, son of the convicted, was judged.

The two defendants had been referred for the crime of the distinguished case of joint theft of items worth more than 120,000 euros by people who commit theft by profession.

The approximately 55-year-old today, convicted according to the indictment together with his son, were brought to justice based on evidence from the declassification of their telephone communications and the recording by the Police of their conversation with another person, who is incarcerated in prisons for a crime, in area of ​​Evergetoulas of Lesvos. The last man sentenced to life imprisonment appeared in court today and testified against the two.

According to the indictment, both the condemned man and his son were recorded a few days before the burglary and theft inside the Temple as visitors.

The convicted in 2006 was arrested in Kalloni for possession of 42 kilograms of hashish. In 2012, having been released from prison in the meantime (!!!), he was the first suspect in the burglary, which the Mytilini Police had then searched for by raiding his house in a mountain village of Lesvos in the hope that the stolen goods from the pilgrimage burglary would be found .

No jewelry was found, but 219 grams of heroin and 358 grams of hash were found.

The chronicle of the great theft

The much-discussed theft of the tributes from the Taxiarch’s display cases in Mandamado took place at dawn on February 28, 2012. The perpetrators, as seen in the recording from the Church’s cameras, were three men who breached a side door with a “jack”, entered the Church, broke four of the 11 showcases of gold precious tributes, grabbed what they could and disappeared to the sounds of activated alarm systems.

They were accompanied by a fourth accomplice who acted as a chiller. In total, the theft took about four minutes. Two of the perpetrators of the theft they are presumed dead, victims of a drug profits management controversy. The stolen items have not been found to date.