The tree located in the village of Vunena in Larissa, many people were divided as to whether it was a miracle, as every eve of the feast of Saint Nicholas “en Vunenois” a red liquid like blood flowed.

Some talked about miracle consequently, many believers from all over Greece visit the small church hoping that a miracle will solve their problem. In fact, people came from abroad for the tree in question and believers collected the liquid in bottles or collected it with cotton.

However, this particular tree a few days ago was uprooted and fell from the strong wind.

This year again, a lot of people were at the site, both on the eve and on the day before yesterday, May 9, of the feast of Agios Nikolaos in Vounenois.

On delivery, at the point where the trees are located “bleeding” both Saint Nicholas the New or “en Vunenois” and several other Christians who were murdered by the Avars in 720 because they did not want to deny their faith shed their blood as martyrs.

Since then, both the tree where the Saint was martyred and some of the surrounding ones, where the rest of the Christians were killed, have been emitting this red liquid.

Holy Martyr Nikolaos managed to escape the fury of the Arabs. Leaving the provinces of Larissa and Tyrnavos, he arrived in the interior of Thessaly, in the parts of Karditsa, where the village of Vunaina is located, inhabited by ascetics and hermits. There he found a suitable place to become an ascetic: a natural cave, covered by an oak tree. His pursuers tracked him down, tied him to a tree and speared him with his own spear.