Put your business in the new era of television!

Hybrid TV has now entered our daily lives for good, while opening the “door” to a new and efficient way of advertising.

SKAI now enables every advertiser to be displayed on live Hybrid TV and in his successful television programs such as Survivor, The Voice, news shows, entertainment shows, foreign films, etc.

How is hybrid television used?

At the moment in Greece there are approximately 2,600,000 activated HBB TVs. In practice, the advertiser has the opportunity to promote his product or service in the SKAI program, through L-Banners that appear without interrupting the natural flow of the program.

Can I advertise my business on SKAI’s major productions?

Through Hybrid TV, the answer is, yes, you can. The advertiser can have a presence on any program he wishes (Survivor, Voice, news shows, entertainment shows, foreign films), except newscasts.

What is the efficiency of the service?

The advertiser has the ability to EXACTLY target the number of Impressions (number of people, times the message will be shown to each person), so the efficiency is directly related to the goals he has set.
In addition, there is the possibility of geographic targeting (eg Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, etc.), which makes it possible to transmit the message to the audience that each advertiser desires.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost of the service is determined by the advertiser himself depending on how many impressions he wishes to have. Essentially, the presence through L-Banner concerns every size and type of business, being the most accessible way of advertising on a television program.