In the hands of the police officers of the Lamia Security Directorate fell the three young offenders that on the evening of last April 26, they had threatened with a sharp object and robbed a taxi driver in the Antili area.

It is about three Roma minors, who at noon on Tuesday (16/5) disturbed a supermarket in the center of Lamia, trying to steal things!

When they were noticed by the people in the store, the young men they reacted badly at the expense of the employees, but DIAS police officers of the Lamia Direct Action Department intervened in time and the Roma were brought to the Department.

There the police investigation revealed their involvement in the robbery of the taxi driver, from which the three young men had fled with loot 170 euros and the mobile phone of the victim.

The juvenile perpetrators of the robbery had taken the taxi from Laou Square and told the driver to take them from a certain road to Antili. Just before the village square, they stuck a sharp object in his back and demanded the money he had on him, while leaving he also took his mobile phone.