Two Pakistanis were sentenced to life imprisonment and an additional 16.5 years in prison, who robbed and raped a 26-year-old Cuban woman in January 2022, in a rural area of ​​the Kilkis Belt.

Another of their compatriots was punished for the same case, with a prison sentence of 21 years and 6 months (suspended for 20 years).

The Mixed Jury Court of Thessaloniki found them guilty of gang rape and, as the case may be, of complicity in this act, as well as of serial robbery, etc., without recognition of mitigating circumstances.

After the court’s verdict, the defendants (aged 22 to 30) were returned to prison.

According to the case file, the patient, along with four other compatriots – including her fiance, had entered Greek territory on foot to request political asylum.

They were heading to Polykastro Kilkis, where the 26-year-old’s mother lives, but before they reached their destination, the three perpetrators stopped them at gunpoint and grabbed their money. The two of them, according to the case file, removed the young woman to an adjacent warehouse where they raped her.

What the 26-year-old testified

Testifying in court, the victim described the nightmare she experienced, identifying the perpetrators of her rape. “They were not wearing anything on their faces and their features were clearly visible.

My partner tried to react despite the threat of a gun, resulting in one hitting him with a wooden bat,” he said, stressing that he was in a state of shock, trying to comprehend what had happened.

The arrest of the perpetrators followed 24 hours later, outside a hotel where the group of Cubans had spent the night. “As soon as we left the hotel, my partner realized that the one outside and the other two were waiting a little further away. He started running towards them and stopped one of them, then we called the police who arrested them. One of them had a gun on him,” said the 26-year-old, who lives and works today with her fiance in Crete.

“They forced us to our knees”

Her partner, for his part, recalling the incident, testified: “We arrived at a gas station, where we went to buy water. When we got out, two people approached us 100 meters away and asked where we were from. We continued walking on the main street and after seven kilometers we saw a car driving suspiciously. Two people came down and threatened us with guns. We were led out of an abandoned building where all our belongings were taken away. All three had guns. They forced us to our knees. One took my partner away. When I tried to react, they beat me with a bat».

They denied the charges

The defendants denied their actions and it is characteristic that one of them apologized that the sexual act was done with the consent of the 26-year-old. The prosecutor of the seat had requested their guilt and the decision of the court was unanimous.