Free on parole the 20-year-old, who is being prosecuted as a felony for a barrage of thefts, was released after his interrogation yesterday, while his 44-year-old mother is in custody.

This is the woman who was arrested on the afternoon of Wednesday 17/5 because she tried to transport a small amount of heroin into the Volos police station, where the 20-year-old was being held.

The same also faces felony charges, and specifically for importing narcotic substances into a penitentiary detention facility. The 44-year-old received a deadline to apologize to the investigator today, Friday, while she stated that her 20-year-old son is facing an addiction problem and she wanted to help him.

The Volos Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered a toxicological as well as a psychiatric examination of the young man, who stated before the investigator that he stole to secure his dowry.

This is a person in custody, who had requested another chance from the authorities, as he has a criminal past from a minor, while pending three more theft cases against him since last March.

Due to his criminal past, he has been prosecuted as a felony for theft in continuation by a person who commits theft by profession.
Regarding the case, the 20-year-old committed three thefts during the two days of Sunday and Monday, May 14 and 15. In the first case, he broke into a bakery where he withdrew money from the cash register.

In the second, he broke into a restaurant (cafe), removing electronic devices, and in particular a tablet and a mobile phone, but also other items of small value found in front of him.
Finally, in the third case he stole a two-wheeled vehicle, before finally being spotted by the police on Monday 15/5 when he was arrested.
Yesterday after his interrogation, he was released until his case reaches the courtroom, under the conditions of being presented to the AT of his place of residence once a month and of the ban on leaving the country.