Super League 2-26th matchday: away tests for Kifisia and Athens Kallithea FC


The completion of the Super League 2 championship, with its main course, enters the final stretch 26th “turn” to be held on Friday (19/5) due to the national elections (21/5).

Already from the previous matchday we know the champion of the A’ Group, with Panseraic to ensure his promotion to the first division after 12 years, while -after the draw (0-0) of Kifissia with Olympiakos II Athens Kallithea FC again entered the gulf in Group B (remember here the schedule of the two contenders until the final).

On the competition day, therefore, to A’ Group given the assurance of promotion, the battles for staying stand out. Veria welcomes AEL, Makedonikos hosts Apollon Pontos, Heraklis hosts Heraklis of Larissa, while there is also Thesprotos-Niki Volos. From there on, Panathinaikos II hosts Karditsa Renaissance.

To B’ Group on Friday (19/5) the two leaders have away battles, Athens Kallithea FC at the home of Kalamata (19/5, 16:00) and Kifisia at that of Panachaiki (22/5, 15:15) ). In its attempt to stay, Progressive is being tested at Episkopi’s headquarters, while on Monday there is also the derby Olympiacos B’-AEK B’.

The rating:

In detail, the program of the 26th matchday:

A’ Group

Friday (19/5)

Veria N.P.S-AEL (15:15)

Panathinaikos II-Renaissance Karditsa (16:00)

Macedonian-Apollon Pontou (16:00)

Thesprotos-Niki Volos (16:00)

Almopos Aridaias-PAOK B’ (16:00)

Iraklis-Iraklis Larisa (16:00)

Monday (22/5)

Panseraikos-Diagoras (16:00)

Day off: Apollo Larissa

B Group

Friday (19/5)

Kalamata-Athens Kallithea FC (16:00)

Apollo Smyrnis-PAO Ruf (16:00)

Ilioupoli-Aegaleo (16:00)

Chania-OF Ierapetra (16:00)

Episcopal-Progressive (16:00)

Monday (22/5)

Panachaiki-Kifisia (15:15)

Olympiacos B’-AEK B’ (16:00)

Day off: Herodotus

The schedule for the next (27th) matchday:

Group A:

Sunday (28/5)

Rebirth of Karditsa-Macedonian

Diagoras-Panathinaikos II

Iraklis of Larissa-Panserraikos

PAOK B’-Iraklis

Niki Volos-Almopos Aridaia

Apollo Larissa-Thesprotos

Apollon Pontou-Veria

Day off: AEL

Group B:

Sunday (28/5)

Athens Kallithea FC-Apollon Smyrnis


OF Ierapetra-Episkopi


AEK B’-Panachaiki

Herodotus-Olympic II

PAO Ruf-Ilioupoli

Day off: Egaleo

Source: Sport Fm

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