A breath away from the opening of the ballot box on May 21 and the preparations enter the final stretch.

Today, Friday, May 19 at 2:00 p.m., in the presence of the Acting Minister of the Interior, Professor Kalliopi Spanou, and the representatives of SingularLogic, the final general test of the systems for the parliamentary elections of May 21, 2023 will take place at the Ministry of the Interior.

According to an update from Singular Logic, earlier than any other time, the first safe estimate of the election result will be known on Sunday night.

Specifically, an hour and a half after the polls closed, that is until 20:30, there will be an image for over 10% of the territorywhich is considered the limit for the first safe result.

The company, which will broadcast the results in these elections as well, estimates that the space from 21:00 to 22:00 80%-90% will be incorporated of the election results nationwide.

Shortening the transmission times of the results will be achieved thanks to the modernization of the data entry system with the use of an electronic transmission system via tablets that will now be available to all court representatives.

The system has been tested in previous election contests but in a smaller number of polling stations.

When the ballots are counted in each polling station, the result of the combinations will be communicated directly to the Home Office and Singular Logic.

Then the preference crosses will be recorded and the result will be transmitted in the same way. According to the information, the first results of the crucifixion will be announced around 22:00-23:00 and the final results are expected at dawn.

At the same time, the classic method of telegraphic transmission through municipality and district, which was applied for the first time in the 1981 elections, will continue, a method which delays the publication of the result by the polling stations by 2.5-3 hours.