325: The first Ecumenical Council convenes in Nicaea, Asia Minor, to condemn Arianism.

1609: William Shakespeare’s Sonnets are published in London.

1825: Ibrahim defeats the Greeks at Maniaki in Messinia. Among the losses of the Greek side is Papaflessas. (The Battle of Maniaki)

1894: The Greek authorities receive a document from the “International Service for the Prosecution of Anarchists”, requesting a list and photographs of Greek anarchists. The event is related to the action developed by some Greeks in the international revolutionary movement, such as Plotinos Rodokanatis, the lawyer Pavlos Argyriadis and Maria Pantazi.

1941: The Battle of Crete begins, with waves of German paratroopers dropping in for the capture of Megalonis. (Operation Mercury)

1996: An unprecedented crime in Thassos by the 24-year-old law student Theofilos Sehidis. He brutally kills his parents, uncle, sister and grandmother. The crime will be revealed on August 9.


1769: Andreas Miaoulis, Greek admiral and politician, commander of the Greek fleet during the Revolution of 1821. His real name was Andreas Vokos. (D. 11/6/1835)

1908: James Stewart, American actor. (D. 2/7/1997)

1931: George Vassiliou, president of Cyprus from 1988 to 1993.


1825: Papaflessas, from the heroic figures of the Greek revolution. (Born 1788)

1949: Damascene, by world Dimitrios Papandreou, Archbishop of Athens, who also served as regent. (Born 3/3/1891)

2019: Niki Lauda, ​​Austrian Formula 1 driver, one of the legendary figures of motor sports. The methodical preparation and the determination in the matches were the two characteristics that always distinguished him. He emerged three times world champion (1975, 1977, 1984), with 25 grand prix victories. (Born 22/2/1949).