Dr Kontos trial: “He operated on me as an orthopedist together with a former minister”, a witness testified


The testimony of a man who trusted “Dr Kontos” to treat a problem in his spine that caused him serious mobility problems and ended up disabled by 85% after surgery performed by the “pseudo-doctor” and three of his co-accused, including accused former minister, heard the judges of the MOD.

The witness told the court the whole history that led him to desperately seek a doctor to improve the serious mobility problem he acquired after falling with a parachute which caused a spinal injury in 2014.

“In June 2014 I had an accident with the parachute, I was hit hard and underwent spinal fusion. I stayed in the hospital for three months and my doctor told me that you would stay with these problems for the rest of your life. During all this time I tried to stimulate myself. I swam every day but I could not walk. In March 2018, the contact with the accused began. I was looking everywhere for doctors, Germany, England. I was looking to find my health, salvation. I was told “learn to live with it, the spinal cord has been injured” but I did not accept it “the witness described in his testimony and stated that his contact with the alleged doctor was through a doctor of a private clinic in Athens. “Dr Kontos” was introduced to him as a distinguished orthopedic surgeon, of international renown who operated mainly in France and Switzerland.

According to the witness, a resident of Rhodes, when he went to the disputed private clinic in the center of Athens and showed his X-rays to the “distinguished scientist”, he reassured him: “Everything is done, I will make you play ball”. He told me that the treatment will be done with stem cells and the damage will be repaired with surgery. He sent me an e-mail with instructions. For six months I ate thistle, greens daily and took 12 pills. He only told me that the surgery is done abroad. He forbade me to eat meat, lamb, pork and beef and not to have sex at all. In mid-June, he told me to do axial and magnetic. In late September he told me that the implant was coming. On October 5 I go up to Athens and on October 8, he came to my son’s house and I gave him 20,000 euros in cash. He told me that the transplant costs 54,000 euros but he got it at a better price and that on the 10th of the month I will go to the clinic “. The witness referred to the assurances he received from a doctor of the clinic that he would walk while the accused former minister, also a doctor, told him that he would operate for a long time, “that his job is to open the chest so that the other doctor can reach back. “He told me that the surgery had to be done for me to walk.”

After the operation, the witness testified, the pseudo-doctor visited him in medical clothes and told him that “everything went well, you will walk soon”. The witness stressed that “I was in pain as if I had been stabbed. They took my whole rib out. The D.P. came. (the accused doctor) and told me that “everything went well and you will walk”. He told me that they removed part of the rib so he could go from front to back. The “pseudo-doctor” wanted 50,000 euros, we gave 20,000 euros to the accounting department. On the 16th of the month I left the clinic in horrible pain. They also wrote me a substance that is a drug. I also told them about my bladder and they said it would be restored. In other words, I was drawing the passions of Christ. The accused came to the house and took another 30,000 euros from me. I sucked alive-dead, I could not breathe. “I had a fever at home, 40. I was in bed all the time and roaring, that was my condition,” the witness said.

This witness also referred extensively to the “persuasion” that the main defendant had and to the image he emitted using medical terms. As he testified, after the surgery, the “pseudo-doctor” told him that he would have to make stem cell injections, four for 7,000 euros each, while a short time later there were some pills from England that cost 15,000 euros, for which his patient he had replied that he had no money. “I had told him that if I walked I would write him a house in the sea that I have. At one point he called me and said “with this little house you told me, what will happen?”. I replied “when I walk I will give it to you”. I can no longer breathe, I have not been able to enter the sea for two years. I’m worse than before. Nothing has changed. I have a respiratory problem, I have a fever every day. I could not have had surgery. I went there to walk. The impression they gave me was that it is a team. How do they put me in with 82% disability since they know I will not get well? Let them ask me for 20,000 euros to give them. I now have an 85% lifetime disability. They had to tell me, like the other doctors, that nothing was being done. I went through all this, I tormented my own people so that the accused would make fun of me “.

The trial continues.

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