“Cold sweat” has bathed one legal representative in Thessaloniki which confused the instructions for the election process.

The woman in question was a judicial representative in an electoral division of A’ Thessaloniki and after the end of the procedure she filled in the books normally, but leave the ballots in the department, probably considering them unnecessary as the votes had already been recorded.

When she handed over the election books to the Court of First Instance she was informed that she had to return all the electoral materials and that’s when she realized her mistake. When he returned to the polling station to pick them up, he realized they had already gone into the recycling!

It is noted that this development does not affect the election result, as the judicial representative had handed over the books with the total results from the counting of the votes, however, an issue will arise in the event of an objection by a candidate for parliament somewhere, as these votes will be… missing.

Criminal proceedings against her are likely to be considered.