All welfare benefits of the e-EFKA, received by 37,757 beneficiaries, are paid at the end of May (payment 6th/2023), increased by 8%, in the context of financial support for vulnerable population groups.

As stated in the relevant announcement, the retroactive amounts due for the month of May (5th/2023) will be paid as follows:

– At the end of May, with the regular payment of month 6/2023, to the majority of beneficiaries: 29,572.

– With lump sum payment, on 30/05/2023, to 9,879 beneficiaries, coming from the former Funds: IKA, TAPILT, TSPISAP and TAISYT.

– At the end of June, (payment of the 7th month/2023), to 8,185 beneficiaries, coming from the former Funds: State, ETAA-TAN, ETAA-TSMEDE, IKA-TSEAPGSO, ETAP-MME-TSPEATH.

The three welfare benefits of the e-EFKA that are increasing are the following:

– Total disability allowance for pensioners of the former OGA, who receive only the basic pension of the former OGA, as long as they have a lifetime disability rate of 100%.

– Sickness and disability allowance of State pensioners.

– Extra-institutional allowance of e-EFKA.