Panic prevailed in the center of Agrinio after the appearance of a snake, just a few meters from Democracy Square.

According to, citizens notified the Fire Department, which works with a citizen volunteer who is involved in rescuing wildlife.

Because at this time snakes make their appearance in the urban fabric, citizens are advised not to panic since they are usually snakes, who are harmless and to inform the P.Y. for their removal.

According to ANIMA volunteer and partner N. Paterekas, it was ultimately a Lake Snake (Natrix tessellata) that changes its skin. Another case of the same type of snake in the center of Agrinio has been recorded from the statute of incidents that has existed over the years: “It is an animal that was transported by car from an area with a nearby wetland and unfortunately without the knowledge of owner came down into the city. Snakes live in the city of Agrinio as is known and exploit the urban fabric to survive / some are transported from the countryside by cars some others not in any case we are here to solve any question”.