A visit to the General Police Directorate of Attica was made today by new Minister of Citizen Protection Charalambos Lalousisaccompanied by the head of the Greek Police, Lieutenant General Lazaros Mavropoulos.

The purpose of the minister’s visit was to be informed about the operational actions of ELAS in the daily battle they wage against crime, but also to send the message that nothing changes until the new government emerges from the upcoming elections.

This, moreover, was emphasized by Mr. Lalousis, after thanking the GADA officers for their work and asking them to remain alert, as, as he said, the state has continuity and for this reason they have a duty to continue to carry out the work them in the best way for the benefit of the Greek citizens.

The Minister of Citizen Protection particularly focused his interest in the areas of tourist safety, dealing with electronic crime, road safety and delinquency, as well as the protection of minors. Mr. Lalousis mentioned that the image of the Police has improved in recent years and it is necessary to continue these efforts.