THE president of KEDE Dimitris Papastergiou, in the framework of the “Elafonisos Eco Week” events, welcomed on behalf of the Local Government the Prince Albert II of Monaco as guest of honor and thanked him for supporting the effort being made to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

During the discussion that followed, the president of KEDE emphasized that the work that needs to be done to achieve the goals is enough, “because we will have to change data and habits, mostly bad, of decades” and to focus on the following four axes, which are also included in the Agreement of Mayors:

In energy that means reducing consumption, producing clean energy and storing energy.

“It doesn’t make sense, said o K. Papastergiou, to simply produce clean energy, if our buildings remain energy-intensive. So we must have a reduction in consumption and production of clean energy. The country has a lot of RES and our goal should be the biggest storage so that we have energy when we need it.”

In the waste, as the president of KEDE pointed out, “the Local Government wants to “fight” more and the state must, in a regulatory role, put the issues related to recycling in a series, with a beginning, middle and end. “Regarding the burial tax, which we disagree with as a Municipality, we need to see how it will quickly return back to the Municipalities, so that they can run sorting programs at the source and run recycling recovery units.”

In sustainable mobility. “It makes no sense in most Greek cities, with the exception of the two major urban centers, to move so much with cars, even if these cars are electric,” emphasized Mr. Papastergiou. He also underlined the need for redesigning and “opening up” the cities, especially now that there are so many financing programs for renewals.

Mobilization of citizens. “None of all that, said o Mr. Papastergiouit won’t work if we don’t succeed in mobilizing our people, our citizens.”

The event includes a series of activities, such as the Symposium on Ecological Sustainability, the Summit on Sustainable Development, under the auspices of KEDE and the Municipality of Elafonisos.

The event is organized by the Ecological Association of Elafonisos and lasts until June 4.