Mature: Bahian chef will serve salmon gravilax and cashew moqueca to Venezuelan dictator


The meeting of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) with 11 leaders from Latin America, which began this Tuesday (29), will feature a diplomatic dinner to discuss issues related to the region. Among the guests is Nicolas Maduro, dictator of Venezuela. The event takes place in Brasilia and the menu was created by João Diamante.

The chef is one of the judges of the program “My Mother Cooks Better Than Yours” (Globo), alongside Paola Carosella. According to the cook’s advisory, it was first lady Rosângela da Silva, Janja, who invited him to prepare the dishes.

Among the options that will be offered to the presidents are items with references from the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, such as: feijoada balls, northeastern couscous and toasted okra, fish fillet with a Brazil nut crust and cashew moqueca.

João was born in Salvador, Bahia, but grew up in Complexo do Andarai, in the north zone of Rio de Janeiro. About the menu, he says in a note sent to F5 which looked for South American elements, but which will really give Brazil an extra boost.

“The menu will have great influences from all over Latin America, but of course, always pulling sardines towards the country with my contemporary look.”

Participating in the meeting are Alberto Fernández (Argentina), Luís Arce (Bolivia), Gabriel Boric (Chile), Gustavo Petro (Colombia), Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador), Irfaan Ali (Guyana), Mário Abdo Benítez (Paraguay), Chan Santokhi (Suriname ), Luís Lacalle Pou (Uruguay) and Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela).



Cheese Bread, Mineira Sausage, Onion Jelly, Orange and spices.
Crispy tapioca, dried meat raw, bottle butter mayonnaise
plantain ceviche
Bean stew cookie
Okra empanadas with half-cured cheese
guacamole with roots
Salmon Gravilax, Sour Cream


Fresh northeastern couscous and toasted okra salad


Sun-dried meat with pirão de leche and canasta cheese, green bean salad and gherkin pickles
Fish fillet with Brazil nut crust, orange mush and watercress salad with fresh coconut flakes and confit tomato
(Vegan option) Cashew moqueca with coconut rice and garlic farofa with thyme


Cumaru pudding with peanut crumble
Amazonian chocolate textures
(Vegan option) Tapioca couscous with coconut milk, Brazil nut crumble, cupuaçu coulis and burnt coconut tuile.

Source: Folha

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