Preliminary an examination was ordered by the Volos public prosecutor’s office following the complaints of the Director of Secondary Education, Mr. Savelidis, that a candidate for nationwide examinations at a school in Volos, received a phone call from Rome and an answering machine informed him that he was changing examination center.

The message explained to the candidate how he would receive a link via email and once he activates it – by entering all his codes – he will be informed about the examination center in Volos, where he will take the exam.

The student’s mother who was present during the phone call, immediately called the Secondary School and spoke to the director, Mr. Savelidis, who the next day officially informed the Police Department but neither he nor the child’s family filed a lawsuit.

The Director and family, they will be called in the context of the preliminary as witnesses.

The preliminary concerns illegal attempt supply for use of access codes in an information system. The scammer, if the student provided all the information requested by the platform, would have access to the nationwide court system and all the data on the family’s computers.