In criminal action the authorities attribute – after the forensic examination – the violent death of a 68-year-old woman in Podochori, Kavala.

He found the unfortunate woman dead a short distance from her sheepfold, her nephew on Friday afternoon. The investigations of the authorities continue in all directions, while the medical examiner came to the village today to perform a new autopsy at the scene.

The 68-year-old farmer was found dead with multiple injuries in Podochori of the Municipality of Pangaio Kavala on the afternoon of Friday, June 2. At first her death was not attributed to a criminal act, but after the forensic examination, it turned out that she had multiple internal injuries.

The villagers are troubled and devastated by the violent death of their fellow villager, who was found dead by her nephew after her usual time of returning home from her sheepfold had passed and her family became worried.

Today Sunday, (4/6) at 14:00 he arrived at shepherd of the victim the coroners, for a second, supplementary autopsy. He stayed for about an hour at the scene of the crime.

The 68-year-old lived in Podochori with her husband. Her fellow villagers describe her as a very quiet woman.