Actor from Ceará who went viral with humorous videos about Paris debuts on Globo: ‘Virada’


Maria Paula Giacomelli

It was all just a joke and it grew and grew, and ended up absorbing Max Petterson, from Ceará, so much that he suddenly found himself completely taken by the success of a video in which he complained, in a good-natured way, about the strong heat wave he was experiencing. faced in Paris, where he was studying theater. That was in 2017, the movie went viral on social media (more than 9 million views), and his life was never the same.

Six years have passed, and the actor, who has become a hit on YouTube with this and other videos in which he shows his low-glamor, high-maintenance life in the French capital (which he burns his tongue when trying a crème brûleé was also a huge success) , now premieres at “Cine Holliúdy” (Globo). He will play a federal agent, “Men in Black style,” in an episode set to air this month.

Despite his content having a touch of humor, Max claims that he is not a comedian or comedian. “I don’t tell jokes, people find it funny because they want to,” he tells the F5 the actor, who is touring Brazil with the play “Bôcu Bonjour”. In the show, he addresses the situations he experienced in Europe, especially in Paris, where he moved in 2016, and also remembers his childhood in the small town of Farias Brito, in Ceará. It’s an autobiographical piece that makes you laugh, no matter how hard Max tries to be.

He gets all excited when talking about the experience of recording “Cine Holliúdy”. “As an actor, it was very interesting,” he says. “The vision of the laughing Max on the networks has been pruned, it’s a different mood”, he says. The differences between this and his previous works were also felt in other respects.

“At first, it was difficult for me to be in a studio where everything is assembled because the other projects I did were real scenarios”, he recalls. In 2022, the actor participated in the film “Quixeramobim” and the series “O Cangaceiro Do Futuro” (Netflix).

Max lives between France and Brazil, and is happy that way. But if one day he has to choose one of the two, he has no doubts. “I have no plans to leave Paris, but if I really have to choose, I’ll choose Ceará. It’s who I am and where I’m from.”

Source: Folha

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