Cool Doce, bar with vulva crepe and penis ice, opens at Augusta, in SP




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Vitória Macedo

Pink walls decorated with neon phrases like “I was never a saint” and “Was it good for you?” set the mood for the new bar on Rua Augusta, Cool Doce, which opened last Wednesday (24).

The space was designed for those who want to try crepes in the shape of a penis and vagina, a sensation in recent times — and also want to take a photo capable of going viral on the networks in the so-called Instagramable space.

Crepes shaped like penises and vaginas at Cool Doce, a new bar on Rua Augusta

Crepes shaped like penises and vaginas at Cool Doce, a new bar on Rua Augusta

Crepes shaped like penises and vaginas at Cool Doce, a new bar on Rua Augusta – Disclosure

Highlights go to the crepes called “neca” and “xoxota” which cost R$35 and R$30, respectively, made of cheese bread dough or waffle. Among the sweet and savory filling options are brigadeiro and Nutella or pepperoni with cream cheese and chicken with catupiry.

The menu continues with funny references — the Brazilian wax (Brazilian waxing), for example, names the delicacy that comes without covering.

It is not the first store of its kind in São Paulo: the erotic food market includes creperie Assanhadxs, also on Augusta. The space provoked queues of onlookers wanting to try the delicacy to the point of having to distribute passwords.

Sergio Oliveira, one of the partners at Cool Doce, says that, in order to differentiate himself, he included the bar operation in the business —with drinks and snacks that continue the erotic theme of the food menu.

Together, the food and drink menu and the decoration of the environment, full of phrases, neon lights and graffiti, were put together for the clientele who do not miss the opportunity to take pictures with the intention of going viral on social networks.

“Everything was thought out to immerse yourself in this universe, in a relaxed way”, says Oliveira.

The drinks (all R$34), for example, are decorated with penis-shaped ice. The names allude to sexual terms, such as the “refreshing sole”, which is made with gin, Aperol, lemon, passion fruit and pineapple. There are also non-alcoholic versions, such as orange, lemon, strawberry and soda.

In terms of food, the bar offers common potions of fries, coxinhas and pastries.

The plan for the coming months, according to the owner, is to have DJs perform on Fridays and Saturdays at the bar and karaoke for the public on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

cool candy

  • When Wed. to Sat. at 6 pm. Sun. at 4 pm
  • Where Rua Augusta, 970, Cerqueira César

Source: Folha

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