Georgina’s neurological picture after he had suffered quadriplegia, he described in Mixed Jury Court in trial of Roula Pispirigou the pediatric neurologist Ioanna Kouri, who was called to examine the child at Onassios.

The doctor, as Onaseiou’s external partner, examined the little girl after Georgina had an episode of convulsions shortly after she was admitted to the Cardiology Hospital.

The doctor testified that Georgina “he was a child with very strong hypertonia, that is, great resistance in his muscles. He had very strong masticatory contraction and strong reflexes. It was a brain that needed attention because it was malfunctioning. Based on her neurological picture, she needed an extensive course of rehabilitation. A very intensive program of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.”

According to the witness the episode for which her assistance was requested was likely due to fever “which can do this to a child with encephalopathy.”

Chairman: Could the extensive rehabilitation you talked about in your testimony and the child’s very good medical coverage restore some of his functions?

Witness: This is difficult to predict, but a child with such a heavy image is difficult to fully recover. The prognosis is cautious.

Prosecutor: Is such a severe form of encephalopathy related to the time the brain will be without oxygen?

Witness: The longer the brain is without oxygen the worse, the more damage.

The doctor testified that she informed Georgina’s mother about the situation and that Pispirigou listened without asking questions.

The prosecution side asked Ms Kouri if the mother’s reported episode of convulsions at home when Georgina was admitted to Karamandanio would show up in the tests done on admission and the witness said: “We always rely on the investigation of the episode. I think an EEG is clear, but I’m still investigating.”

The defense asked, among other things, whether then, in Karamandanio, the child should have been seen by a neurologist. “I can’t answer you” said the doctor

The trial will continue tomorrow.