Minute by minute, the DIAS police officer describes the moments he lived yesterday, when he was called to release the 1.5 year old boy, which he was locked inside his mother’s car – strapped into the child seat – in her area Gate.

According to the report highlighted by GRTimes, during the morning hours yesterday, Wednesday (7/6) police officers of the “DIAS” group identified a woman outside I.X. in a paroxysm of sobbing and desperately asking for helpas well as inside the vehicle her child was trappedwhich was strapped into the child seat, while the keys were inside the car.

For his part, the bicyclist who serves in group “DIAS” Christos Ganatsios emphasized that: “Yesterday morning, while on patrol in the area of ​​Pylaia, we found that there is a woman in a furious state together with some locals, who motioned for us to stop. At first we thought the woman had been the victim of a robbery, as her purse was on the ground. As soon as we approached the woman could not explain to us. He was shouting and screaming saying “my child”. The others explained to us that the child, who was about 1.5 years old, was trapped and locked inside her vehicle, with the keys inside, so she couldn’t get out. We didn’t ask how long he was in!”

As for their immediate mobilization, as well as for the release of the 1.5-year-old infant, Christos Garanatsios stated that: “with the mother’s permission and using a tool, we broke the rear left window trying to unlock the car to release the minor infant who was bound. We broke the opposite panel of the window in order not to injure the child or have some other unfortunate incident.”

And he added: “I broke the window, unlocked the car, got in, opened the minor’s door for his mother to pick him up. The little boy was a little scared by the noise made by the mosque and the woman tried to calm him down. It is bad to see your child locked in a car and not being able to do anything with the temperature constantly rising.”

“They thanked me personally today”

“Today in personal communication I had with the child’s mother and father, they thanked us and wished us the best. Fortunately for the little one, we happened to be passers-by. Our mother explained that the child likes to play with the keys and gives them to him to keep him occupied” says the “hero” policeman.

It should be noted that according to the police officer, the tool he used to free the child is not part of the official equipment they receive from ELAS.